Monday, August 03, 2009

Quick Hits Monday Edition

Its the first day of the week and I sit here feeling the need to post something, but feeling somewhat too lazy to post anything original. I guess that's why they made quick hits, an excuse for me to point towards other peoples hard work (while always giving them credit) and making me feel better for posting. So here's some tasty quick hits with a promise of original entry tomorrow.

The first two notes actually comes from the same source.
- First we have a really great article from this weekends Chronicle as Ronnie Crocker writes about Phillip Kaufman. Before you ask who? let me explain. Mr. Kaufman is the winner of the BBBB home brew contest, and who's recipe Saint Arnold's is turning into the next Divine Reserve. Mr. Crocker writes a fun article on how Kaufman got into homebrewing.

- The second is a blog entry by the aforementioned Ronnie Crocker with some awesome news about Houston's own Saint Arnold Brewing. For the first 6 months of 2009 Saint Arnold's production volume is up 22.9% from the same period last year. That is some awesome stellar growth from Houston's brewery. Especially when you consider they are running 24 hrs a day at full capacity. I'm sure they can't wait to move into that new brewery.

- The last note is a reminder. Friday is the first of one of August which means its Session Time. The theme is Beer Desserts. Don't forget!

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