Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick HIts: Tuesday Edition

Unlike most times I post a quick hits, I actually have quite a bit of other things to blog about, however very little time at the moment so I figured a perfect chance to get everyone caught up on a few things.
- First, Ronnie Crocker of the Houston Chronicle was at the Lunar Rendezbrew XVI hosted by the Bay Area Mashtronauts. This is a wonderful Homebrew competition featuring a ton of great beers.

- Yes I missed The Session. I was so focused on my beer dinner, I didn't get a chance to post anything. However if you want to see my thoughts on beer and dessert check out my post from the beer dinner. I'll post a link to the round up and info on the next session as soon as it's released.

- Lastly, this Sunday is the 9th anniversary of the Houston's Flying Saucer. It will be a great party and the Saucer will be tapping 9 different beers over the course of the day. Here is a sample of some of the beers they'll be tapping: Monk's Cafe, a Stone Porter firkin spun with Vanilla, Allagash Curieaux, and Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Dogfish Burton Baton and Harpoon Bohemian Pilsner. Looks to be a pretty amazing list of beers, especially when you consider this isn't the complete list! I'll be there at least for a major portion of the day.

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David Cano said...

My wife and I will be there also. Looking forward to it!