Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quick Hits: Tuesday Edition

Just two notes from the world of beer today.
- The Brewer's association has released their Mid-Year Craft Brewing numbers. Beyond the charts and figures that are in this report, there is one statement that really stood out for me:
The U.S. now boasts 1,525 breweries, the highest number in 100 years when consolidation and the run up to Prohibition reduced the number of breweries to 1,498 in 1910. "The U.S. has more breweries than any other nation and produces a greater diversity of beer styles than anywhere else, thanks to craft brewer innovation," Gatza added.
That last bit may be a bit of hyperbole, but to me it still amazing. From just 30 years ago when we had barely a hundred breweries to where we are now and where we continue to go, is awesome. And like I said above it my be hyperbole, but I believe that we do produce more styles than any other country. I also think that America is the BEST place in the world to get good beer. I'm not talking best beer culture that's a different argument, I'm only talking the fact that you can come here and get any type of beer that you want. We are no longer a country that drinks the weak yellow fizzy stuff.

- Next and last note is that the next Session has been announced. The monthly virtual beer tasting event is hosted by The Better Beer Blog, the theme is Summer Beers. From the announcement:
Summer Beers. With the summer coming to a close, what was your favorite beer of the summer? It doesn’t even have to be from this summer. Is it a lager or maybe a light bodied wheat ale? Maybe you’re drinking anti-seasonally and are having a barleywine or Russian Imperial Stout. Why is this beer your favorite? Is there a particular memory associated with this beer? How about a city? Maybe there was a particular dish that made this beer memorable? Spare no detail.
I can't tell you how excited I am for this session. First its getting back to just beer which was necessary, secondly living in hot sweltering Texas, I have a special place in my heart for summer beers. Post date will be Fri Sept 4th.

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