Sunday, June 18, 2006

2002 Spelletich Cellars Zinfandel

Its been a couple of days since the WBW roundup and I decide to go in the complete opposite direction. For WBW we experienced wines of an alcholo percentage lower than 12.5%...this wine? Weighs in at a hefty 15.5%. Its a BIG difference.
The Winery: Spelletich Cellars is a small Bonded winery in Napa Valley, with only 2 employees. The winemaker Tim Spelletich and his daughter Kristen. Tim gained experienced in fine wine while working in a small inn and restaurant outside the Asti region of Italy. After working at fine restaurants in New York and Philladelphia he made it to Napa in 1994 where he was the manager and wine buyer for Tra Vigne. His wife Barabara also has a long history in the wine business and in 1994 Spelletich Vineyards had its first harvest. They are a winery that tries a minimalist approach letting the grape speak for the wine.
The Wine: The grapes for this Zinfandel (Spelletich makes two different versions of their Zin) are harvested from Tim and Edies Vineyard in Shenandoah Valley. It spends 12 months in equal parts French and American oak. It pours a nice dark inky Rubish red in the glass. Scents of chocolate and rasberries, leather and a hint of tannins. In the mouth there is a toasty dryness from the tannins and oak. Rasberry and black berry jam are opulent once the wine has opened up. This is a very nice Zin, one I would grade a B+.

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