Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Times are a changing

Yes things have changed for the better I think. I love wine, always will, but I also appreciate a great beer. Now not those water clear non tasting beers of the so called "big three" but the amazing complexity of a micro brew such as Left Hand, St. Arnold's, Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Ale, etc, or the greatness that is German Beer from Kolsch to Munchen beers and everything in between. The uniqueness of a Belgium Beer that can rival some wines for the alcoholic potency and are just as complex. There is a world of beer out there that many wine drinkers have turned their nose up at. Likewise there is a world of Wine that beer drinkers have avoided thinking it too "hoity-toity." I hope this blog, can bring the two worlds together to show how much they have in common. As always more to come.

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