Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2004 Foffani Tocai Friulano

From my recent visit to Italy I have learned to love Italian white wines...not the typical Pinot Grigio that is so familiar here in the states from Eco Domani to Santa Margarita, but others that are more unique to Italy. One of those whites is Tocai Friulano.
The Grape: Tocai Fruilano comes from a vine that was imported from Hungary in the 1800's. This is not the same grape that creates the incredible Hugarian desert wine. It is also believe to come from Sauvignon Vert, but the name is derived from the local Italian wine for the smal juice-style glass that is used to serve wine in Friulian taverns and restaurants. Most wines made from this unique grape are made to drink young and COLD....(in fact that was an instruction on the bottle).
The Winery: Owned and operated by Giovanni and Elisabetta Foffani, the winery produces a total of 100,000 bottles a year of red and white varietals. They create quality wines using traditional methods. Giovanii started out in international finance but his heart has always been in wine making. For 20 years he has devoted time to his farm. He follows the technical side of the business. Elisabetta is the front person, creating and devloping the relationships between with the customers. Their two sons are now in the business helping create better wine with their parents.
The Wine: The wine poured a nice yellow, with almost a hint of green. The nose is incredibly aromatic, with hints of peaches and limestones, pinenuts or almonds. On the mouth there is a nice level of acidity and crispness. Apples with lots of grapefruit fill the mouth. Its a balanced wine between the acidity and the alcohol at 13.0%. A VERY nice wine that I'd grade a strong B.

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