Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2004 Novy Syrah

This was my first wine from the states after I got back. I'm glad that I decided to drink this one, because for me at least it emphasised the big difference between some of the Italian wines I tasted and the wines from California.
I won't go into miniscule detail on Novy as I have in the past when I tried their Grenache, but needless to say this is the same couple that owns the great Pinot Noir winery Siduri.
The Wine: Formally called 2004 Novy Syrah Susan's Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands, it weighs in at a powerful 15.2%. Much higher than anything I had in Italy, as probably the highest alcohol content was around 13.5. It pours a nice dark purple/red in the glass. Very little feel of the alcholo on the nose, hints of blueberry and whitepepper. I love hints of blueberry in a Syrah. With the bready nose I also got, it almost reminded me of a warm blueberry tart. In the mouth there was nice long fruit tons of blueberries and that bready yeasty flavor. However it was on the finish that I could feel an alcohol burn in my throat. It was stilla very nice wine, that maybe with a little aging would lose a bit of that burn. I'd grade it a B+.

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