Monday, June 12, 2006

WBW 22 Entry

My second time to participate in Wine Blogging Wednesday, I used to taste one of the wines I brought back from my recent trip to Italy. A 2001 Pojer i Sandri Pinot Nero, and yes at 12.5% it meets the requirements set forth by the folks over at I actually picked this wine up at a local wine shop in Trentino after I explained to the proprietor in a mix of my broken Italian, his broken English, and my girlfriend's broken French, that I wanted to try an Italian Pinot Nero, he pointed me to this wine.
The Grape: Pinot Nero an unusual name for a grape that most people haven't heard of. Never fear, as different as the name sounds the grape is familiar. Pinot Nero is nothing other than the Italian version of Pinot Noir the great grape of Burgundy, France.
The Winery: The winery Pojere i Sandri is located in the alpine hills above Trentino. It was started by two men, Fiorentino Sandri who inherited some vineyard land, and Fiorentino Sandri who had just obtained a degree in enology at a nearby school. Most of the grapes for the winery grow in the hills of Faedo between Adige and the Cembra valley. The winery makes an amazing award winning Mueller Thurgau, and Chardonnay along with this red wine.
The Wine: The vineyard where these grapes are obtained are between 300 and 500 meters above sea level. The soil consists of sandstone, silstone, loam rocks, limestone, and dolomite. This wine is an IGT wine, which basically means its not as specific as a DOC or DOCG (similar to France's AOC) but covers a larger area in this case the Dolomiti region. It pours a light Garnett in the glass. Strawberries and Cherries with hints of earthy mustiness on the nose. In the mouth there is a nice acidity with the same strawberry and cherry flavors with a hint of more sour cherry at the finish. A very nice wine to go with foods, especially lighter fare. I'd grade it a B+.
Remember to check back on June 14th for a complete round up of the latest Wine Blogging Wednesday.

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