Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Great....Watery liquor

Just what we need, bad liquor. US Beer giant Anheuser-Busch is suggesting that they may get into the liquor industry. Meaning distilling. Whiskey, among other things. So we get to look forward to them putting the same effort in liquor as they do their bee (that's not a good thing). An interesting note from this article is the fact that the "beer industry has lost five points of U.S. market share since 1995 to wine and spirits." Now overall this may be true, but what this article doesn't point out is that total sales of micro brewed beer are at an all time rise, in fact beating out the increase in wine consumption. When will Bud realize its not shrinking beer consumption its the fact that their beer sucks. If they strived to create great beer, I'd just about guarantee that their market share wouldn't be shrinking. If you have the choice between a great glass of wine or Bud, what are you going to choose? If you had the choice between a Pyramid Curveball or a Bud, what are you going to choose? Its the beer stupid......not the marketplace.

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