Sunday, August 20, 2006

Avery The Reverend

This Big Beer is the last of the beers that I picked up a couple of weeks ago at the downtown Super Spec's. I have posted a couple of times about Avery beers in the past so if you want to know about more of their beers you can look here and here.
The Style: This beer is a Belgian style Quadrupel Ale. As with most Belgian ales this is a trappist brew with greater strength than its dubbel and trippel siblings. Usually a darker beer, full bodied with rich malt flavors in abundance. Can be a little sweeter with low bitterness and often higher in alcohol.
The Beer: As mentioned before this came in a Big beer format and is actually named for one of the Avery Brewer's grandfather who was an ordained Episcopal preacher. The beer contains Styrian Goldings hops and various amounts of Malts: two row barely, cara 8, cara 20, caramel 15L, caramel 20L, and Belgian special B. The beer weighs in at 10.0% so its definitely a sipping beer. As is typical I used a chalice shaped glass for this tasting. It poured a reddish copper color with a nice thick head that after a bit of dissipating tended to stick around. Some floural and banana scents in the nose. A nice malty balance in the mouth with low hop bitterness and some more of those banana flavors throughout with a tang of citrus peels. A slight burn of alcohol in the aftertaste, but I don't tend to mind that much as long as its not overpowering which this wasn't I find it adds a little complexity to the aftertaste. There are also hints of spice maybe coriander type flavors. I really enjoyed this beer, here's what the folks over at BA had to say.

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