Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rahr and Sons Blonde Lager

In my effort to try and support more Texas Breweries I picked up a six pack of this beer from Ft. Worth's own Rahr and Sons. I wrote up a full entry a while back on this new brewery that you can read here.
The Style: The Blonde lager mentioned here is the German Pale Helles Style. Helles was originally Munich's Spaten brewery's answer to the Czech Pilsner beers that were being made in 1894. Helles was a shade lighter than Czech Pilsners and were more malt heavy versus the hoppy Czech versions. Helles is usually around 4.5% and more fuller bodied than other Pilsners. While it has not been widely made in the US by craft brewers it is still a very popular beer in Germany and is brewed throughout the country. Its no wonder the traditional Rahr Family would make this style of beer.
The Beer: It poured a nice golden straw in a Pilsner glass with a thin head that dissipates into a fair amount of lacing. In the nose there is some grass, and yeasty biscuit notes with maybe a little spiciness. In the mouth there is low bitterness initially with smooth maltiness. Some hops show up on the aftertaste. There is a good amount of carbonation that makes this beer very food friendly. A really nice easy drinking beer. Here's what the folks at BA have to say.

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