Sunday, August 20, 2006

More on Organic Beer

I have written a previous post on the Rise of Organic beer, but after reading this article in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram I wanted to revisit it as it brought up some interesting points. The first part of the article reports that the Ft. Worth area actually does have a brewery that specializes in only Organic Beers, Healthy Brew that was incorporated in 2003, along with the usual Whole Foods and the State local HEB Central Market, that area up north has a pretty decent organic beer selection.
However its later in the article that the more interesting point is made in how hard it is to find good organic ingredients local to the states. New Zealand does grow a lot of Organic Hops due to fact they have no indigenous Hop Pest, but still thats NEW ZEALAND! not exactly local. Of course there are some other American Organic Beers, some from Goose island and others from North Coast Brewery in California. The issue is that organic products are expensive since they aren't made in high quantity and some are not that good, however that may change. As a lover of Craft Beer I am no friend to BIG Beer, but they may end up doing some good. As they are getting into Organic Brew (see my earlier post) it will cause farmers in the states to grow Hops and barley in an organic fashion to produce the quantity of products that Big Beer requires. This can end up helping the little guys as well since finally there will be enough organic ingredients to keep cost down and make, making organic brew not so economically difficult.

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