Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sam Adams Octoberfest

The first Octoberfest beer of the season. Yes I know its only August and its hard to think of fall when its still in the upper nineties here in Texas, but Octoberfest in Munich is only a month away so the Craft Brewers the world over will be getting out their Octoberfest beers. Traditionally a Marzen style ale, it has now evolved into a Fall Seasonal beer that may be traditional or may be pumpkin spiced ale or other fall style beers.
I won't go into the brewer since most everyone knows Sam Adams and founder Jim Koch.
The Beer: The beer weighs in at 5.4% which makes it a nice session beer. The beer is made with Two Row Pale malt, Munich-10, 2 Row Moravian, and Caramel-10 malts. The hops are a blend of Tettnang Tettnanger and Hallreta-Mittlefruh hops. The beer pours a nice Brownish Amber color with a thick pillowy head that dissipated into a consistent quarter inch cap of foam that stayed there for the first few drinks of beer. Nice hints of malt, caramel specifically showing up along with some roasted characteristics. In the mouth there is more caramel, and some toffee coming out. A slightly lighter mouthfeel than I would have liked, and some abundant carbonation were some of the weaknesses in the beer, but overall I enjoyed it. Here's what the folks over at BA say.

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