Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rahr & Sons Brewery

I have stated before that one of the reasons I like drinking craft beer is that it gives me the opportunity to support local businesses, that have interests in the community. So I thought I would take some time today to discuss a somewhat local craft brewery (its in Texas), Rahr and Sons. Texas only has about a half dozen breweries and maybe a couple more brew pubs, which is disappointing in a state this big. Rahr is the newest having started just over 2 years ago so it was nice to see this very well written article in the Fort Worth Business Press. Rahr is of course based out of Ft. Worth and is located in the downtown area. The brewery is owned, operated and marketed by Fritz Rahr. He has an interesting story in that his family founded the Rahr Malting Co. on Lake Michigan (its where he still gets his malt from). He began as so many Craft brewers do. He loved to make beer, and didn't like his current job, so one day his wife asks him what he wants to do, his reply? "I want to make beer" and the rest is as they say history. Rahr and Sons is a pretty small brewery, it brew about 2000 barrels this year having grown from 1600 in 2005 which was its first full year in existence. The brew's mostly reflect Rahr's German heritage, German lager's and a new German wheat beer that is their summer seasonal. They are growing in esteem as well, this year they were named by Zymurgy as the fifth best commercial brewery in the US and 4 of their beers made the lists top 50 beers, which is pretty impressive for this new brewery. Its exciting to hear Mr. Rahr's dedication and passion about brewing beer. I can't wait to watch this Texas Brewer grow.

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