Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Avery Hog Heaven

I've had this beer once a long time ago on tap and I loved it, shocked by the hops from a barleywine. Its a year round beer from Colorado brewery Avery Brewing, but for whatever reason I've always found something else to pick up first before reaching for this barleywine. Well last week I saw it and couldn't resist its temptation.
The Beer: This barleywine weighs in at 100IBU and 9.2%. It pours a hazy brown with a thing taupe head. Malts (surprisingly) hoppy, sweet caramely. Mouthfeel is creamy. There is an abundance of grapefruity hops, and earthiness as well. A lot of citrus peel on the finish. This beer is as much of a DIPA as it is a barleywine. There is some malt notes it was my initial impression as I first sipped before the wave of hops comes crashing down on your tastbuds leaving one with that as the only impression. Very good beer, gets a B from me. Here's how the folks at BA feel.

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