Thursday, March 19, 2009

A very quick update on HB 2094

As stated earlier this week the new HB 2094 regarding the Texas Brewery Parity Amendment allowing brewers to sell a certain amount of beer direct to the public had a hearing in front of the Texas. Now I haven't heard much on how it went and unfortunately due to my day job (No its not writing about beer) I haven't had time to do to much research. However a great poster on Beer Advocate did have a good update so I will be posting his comment here:

The Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures today heard testimony on House Bill 2094, Rep. Jessica Farrar's bill that would allow Texas microbrewers to sell their product on the premises of their breweries as part of a tour package. The state's brewers were united in their support of the bill while the distributors were split -- one group testifying in support and one against. No action was taken and the committee has discretion to vote on the bill at a future meeting -- or not. The people who understand the poltical cogs that make the system work have identified two specific committee members that need a little extra convincing:

Representative Mike "Tuffy" Hamilton from Southeast Texas ( ... ilton.php) and Representative Charlie Geren from NW Tarrant County ( ... eren.php).

If you live in their district or know anyone who does, please make sure these two legislators know of your support for HB 2094.

You can watch today's testimony beginning at the 54 minute mark at this link (you need Real Player): ... 318a22.ram
As stated above I continue to urge everyone that cares about this issue to write to the two congressmen above. Let them know how important this is, beyond just beer drinkers, but how it will help the Texas economy in the long run.
More when I have time.

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