Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Quick Hits

Today marks what has become a rare dose of quick hits. Newsy bits around the web abound!
- First, Anvil Bar and Refuge is OPEN! I've mentioned this place in the past as I tracked its progress. It's run by some of the bartenders that used to work at Beavers. Their concept is to serve the freshest cocktails around specializing in prohibition era drinks. They also serve a good wine list and an amazing beer list (or what will be an amazing list). Currently they only have beer by bottle, a great selection of Texas and national craft beers as well as some Belgian. Soon they will have their tap system installed of 12 rotating taps. I've already been there a couple of times, but will wait until their tap system is in place before giving my review of the place. I will say for someone that doesn't drink a lot of cocktails, the things they do at this place are amazing. For a good interview with one of the bartenders Bobby Heugel, check this out.

- Secondly comes a case of tooting my own horn. I don't normally do this, but it points out some other really interesting blogs as well. Over the past two weeks your humble beer correspondent has been written up in various food blogs of Houston. First two mentions in back to back weeks at the Houston Chron's A Cooks Tour. Lastly a mention in She Eats another Houston based food blog. Go check these out, not for mentions of me but for the other really great blogs that folks in Houston are writing.

- Lastly a reminder that The Session #26 is this Friday. The theme is Smoke 'em if you got 'em. That's right Smoked Beers! The host is beer writer Lew Bryson.

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