Monday, March 09, 2009

Two Smokestacks

Boulevard Brewing, one of those breweries that entered the Texas market last year has two sets of beers. The first is their solid every day six packs, a wheat, a pale ale, a brown ale, seasonals etc. The second set is their big beer series, all corked, all bottle conditioned, called The Smokestack Series. It is from this set that I was able to enjoy two rather fine beers.
Double Wide IPA: This IPA weighs in at 8.5% and pours a brownish amber with a thick dense head of taupe colored foam. The nose is chock full of grapefruit-y citrus hops with malty sweetness and caramel. The mouthfeel is thick dense, tongue coating. Grapefruit hops up front, citrus peel tartness with hints of caramel sweetness, then flowing into a malty breadiness, before finishing up with a smack across the tastebuds of bitter citrus peel. A very nice IPA. This one gets an A from me. Here's what the folks at BA say.
The Sixth Glass Quadrupel: Ahh one of my favorite styles. This one weighs in at 10.5% pouring a cloudy chestnut brown with a thick dense cafe colored head. Malty raisins, figs, yeasty, fruity. Creamy tongue coating mouthfeel. Their is a fruity tartness from the yeast and dark fruits. Figs, raisins, candied sugar. The alcohol is hidden very well. Rich and sweet, and conentrated flavors. This one is another A- from me. The folks at BA enjoy it as well.

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