Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Session Roundup and Annoucnement

Fresh off of last weeks Lager centric session #25, the Beer Nut has posted his round up. 47 entries, very solid representation.
As always is the case, the Roundup of one session brings us the announcement of the next. Session #26 is being hosted by Beer writer Lew Bryson, the theme? Rauchbier. So as Mr. Bryson says Smoke em if you got em.
If only this theme had happened earlier as I just tried our local Rauchbier not to long ago. Oh well, it means I'll have to search something new out (and isn't that half the fun of the Session?).


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the timing with Southern Star. Seems hard to find a good Rauchbier here in Houston. Let me know if you come across something in this market that you're not going to use :)

Barleyvine said...

Right now the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Stone's Smoked Porter. I'll be on the look out though.